How can I open new Email POP Boxes

A POP (Post Office Protocol) account is a standard email account that you can access using an email client like Infomarine On-Line WebMail, Outlook, or Eudora.
When you create a POP account, you're dedicating a place on your Web hosting server where the account stores and accesses email messages.
Using a POP account lets you have access to messages that you have downloaded even when you're not connected to the Internet.

To set up a Pop Email account visit http://www.yourdomain/cpanel

For email accounts that you setup, with Bestdomains hosting plans
you should use the following connection details in your email program (Outlook) :

POP3 Host Address:
SMTP Host Address:
Username: The email address you are checking email for
Password: As specified in your control panel


Horte Web Mail
Read Mail Using Horde
Read Mail Using SquirrelMail
Round Cube Webmail
Read Mail Using RoundCube



Mail Client


Delivery Route
Email Filtering

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