How do I access Cpanel?

Because Bestdomains is LIVE connected with the Domain Registry the Domain Name will be active within a maximum timeframe of 3 hours from the moment the Domain Name has been submitted by the Bestdomains (Registrar) to the Registry of .gr Domain Names.
The submission of the Domain Name is confirmed to the Registrar with a unique ID issued by the Registry along with the exact time of the Domain Name application submission.

The Domain Name will not become active if it is not in accordance with the registration conditions as set out by the 351/76 Decision of the EETT. Such Domain Names will only become active when assigned by the EETT.

If you have requested a domain name during sign up, please keep in mind that your domain name maybe will not be visible on the internet instantly.

This process is called propagation and can take up within 3 to 48 hours.

Until your domain has propagated, your website and email will not function, we will provide you a temporary url which you may use to view your website and upload files within the next few hours.

In your setup email, we describe one method of reaching cpanel. This can always be done by going to:  (the actual server hostname will be found in your setup email.

After your domain propagates to our server, you can reach your Cpanel by going to:


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